The Unusual Travel Guides are the first printed guides for Madrid and Barcelona, featuring over 400 specially selected recommendations, including restaurants, bars, cafes, pastry shops, shops, museums and art galleries, hotels, souvenirs, unique corners, and other "non-touristy" places.

One of our passions is traveling. In addition to traveling extensively to other places, there's a route we've been taking every month for the past 15 years from Madrid to Barcelona. We live in these two wonderful cities, and when asked which one we prefer, we always say the same thing: both! Barcelona and Madrid are fascinating cities, and these design guides prove it. 

CC/citycurator is our city Coolhunting project, which has produced The Unusual Travel Guides, an independent editorial project created by CC/studio and commissioned by Cecilia Camacho, founder and creative director of CC/magazine and CC/studio.